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What is KleerGlass?

kleerglass on windows
kleerglass on pool fencing

KleerGlass is a permanent glass coating that will prevent the adhesion and build up of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides water and oil repellent properties. It can be used on:

solar panels kleerglass - KleerGlass

KleerGlass on Solar Panels?

Applying KleerGlass to your solar panels forms a protective coating which helps maximize your solar panel efficiency, saving you cleaning time, panel efficiency and money.

Kleer Glass is suitable for all solar panels as well as domestic & commercial glass and can be applied without requiring panel removal.

How does it work ?

Glass is not as smooth as it seems

glass under microscope

The surface of glass is not smooth and consists of microscopic peaks and potholes. Organic and inorganic contaminants fill these potholes and chemically react with the glass, firmly bonding to the surface. Because of this, cleaning glass becomes more difficult.

untreated exposed glass

Contamination of
unprotected surface glass

When applied onto ordinary glass, KleerGlass cross-links to form a strong chemical bond that is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable.

glass with kleerglass protection protective coating

KleerGlass prevents
bonding of contaminants

Kleer Glass forms a protective
coating, preventing contaminants from bonding onto the surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. 

Kleer Glass has been designed to protect any silica based surface such as glass, granite and porcelain. Significantly reducing the time and effort required to maintain these surfaces by up to 90%.

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To keep your glass ‘Kleer for 5 Years’ and beyond, we recommend our KleerCare maintenance product. Simply add it to warm water as per the instructions, and wipe the surface with a cloth.

Better yet, have your Kleer Glass provider do it for you. 

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